Cassidy Tappan
Sorority Row (Cassidy)


22 (Presumed)



Cause of death



Jessica Pierson

Ellie Morris

Claire Wen

Chugs Bradley

Megan Blaire (Formally)

Maggie Blaire (Possibly)


Garrett Bradley

Kyle Tyson

Andy Richards


Andy Richards (Boyfriend)


Mrs. Tappan

Unnamed Father

Played by

Briana Evigan

Cassidy Tappan is a main character in Sorority Row. She is portrayed by Briana Evigan.

Character HistoryEdit

Cassidy was a graduating senior at the time of the Theta Pi Massacre. She is best friends with the other girls Jessica, Ellie, Claire, Chugs, and Megan and lives with them in the house. She is dating Andy Richards, who is later revealed as the killer. 8 months after Megan is murdered, she has changed her life and begun doing charity work. At the end of their senior year, they were suppose to go to Michigan together to meet Andy's family and stay at their summer home. At the lunch-in at the house, she goes into to the east wing of the sorority and calls Andy asking him to come to the beginning of the graduation party. They plan to leave, but the killer sends the remaining girls a video message through Megan's phone, filmed the night of her murder. They are instructed to go to the steel mine in twenty minutes or the video is sent to the police.

They arrive, only to find Garrett Megan's boyfriend and murderer/Chugs' brother, with his wrists bleeding. After "killing" him, the four remaining girls go back to the empty sorority house.

One of the sisters, Claire, is dragged across the back porch of the house, into an overflowing Jacuzzi and is shot dead. Cassidy unlocks the door and takes a cane and chases after her, only to discover Claire's half-melted body. After encountering both Mrs. Crenshaw, the housemother, and Maggie, Megan's sister, they lock themselves in Jessica's bedroom. Cassidy and Jessica go looking for Claire's boyfriend Mickey who is deceased, to get his cellphone. They run into Jessica's boyfriend, Kyle Tyson, who attacks the girls and strangles Cassidy, only for him to be killed by Andy, who is revealed as the killer.

Jessica comes out of the bathroom and tries talking to them, but instead, Andy throws the tire iron into Jessica's mouth and says they need to kill Ellie. Cassidy lies to Andy and tells him that Ellie is in the basement. She fetches Ellie from the bedroom. Andy jumps out and is about to kill Cassidy, until she she hits him in the head with a lamp and runs. She finds Maggie trapped in the living room, blocked by a wall of fire. Andy then attacks and again and Cassidy falls through the burning floor, but she hangs on. Andy is about to finish off Cassidy when Ellie comes out and shoots down Andy and he falls through the floor and dies. Ellie pulls Cassidy up and they rescue Maggie. The three escape the house, being the only survivors of the massacre.