Name: Charlene "Chugs"
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Margo Harshman
First Appearance: Sorority Row

Charlene, better known as Chugs, is a character from Sorority Row. She is portrayed by Margo Harshman.

Biography Edit

Chugs is the drunken, slightly slutty sister of the sorority Theta Pi. During the prank, she finds it very funny and joins in tormenting her little brother Garret. When Garret truly does kill Megan she helps dump the body in the mine shaft and vows never to talk of the incident again. Eight months later, at graduation, when the group receives a picture of the tire iron used to kill Megan, she reveals Garret has developed a weird sense of humor since the murder and it is him probably trying to be funny.


Chugs Death

Chugs goes to her therapist and finds him handcuffed to his bed, revealing he was seduced by an earlier client. He asks if she would like a shot, and she agrees entering the bathroom to prepare. As she does so the therapist is killed by a person dressed in black using a modified tire iron as a weapon. Chugs enters the living room and lies down, drinking beer. Suddenly the killer appears and shoves the beer bottle down her throat, where it becomes lodged, before slicing her throat open with the tire iron. Her beer goes red as she dies. Later in the movie it is revealed by the killer both Chugs and the therapist had to die as Chugs had told the therapist about Megan's murder. 


  • Chugs is based on Morgan.
  • On Wikipedia it is says her name is Charlene "Chugs" Bradley.