Name: Claire Wen
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Jamie Chung
First Appearance: Sorority Row

Claire Wen is a character Sorority Row. She is portrayed by Jamie Chung.


Claire was a college student at Rosman Unversity. She was a sorority girl in the Theta Pi sorority. She was friends with her sorority sisters Cassidy Tappan, Ellie Morris, Jessica Pierson, Chugs Bradley and Megan Blaire. The girls all decided to play a prank on Garrett Bradley, which resulted in Megan's accidental death. All the girls decided to hide the body, keep it as secret and never talk about it again. 8 Months later, all the girls began getting text messages from an unknown person. Claire later breaks up with her boyfriend Mickey because he is being a jerk to her and throws the necklace he gave her at his head.


After the girls come back from the place where they hid Megan's body, they find the sorority house empty and everyone gone. The hot tub has over heated and is making weird noises, so Claire decides to go turn it off, while the other girls go inside. Ellie warns her not to go alone, but Claire shows her she has the flare gun as a weapon just in case. While Claire is going to the hot tub, she hears noises and steps on part of a cord.

Back inside the sorority house, Ellie, Cassidy and Jessica starts getting messages and then Claire is shown screaming and banging on the glass doors behind them. They try to help her, but they doors are blocked. It shown that Claire has got her foot tangled in cord and suddenly she is pulled away into the hot tub that is filled with bubbles. Cassidy grabs a weapon, gets the door to open and tries to save her. We hear Claire screaming and the flare gun going off. Cassidy looks around and finds Claire dead with a flare in her mouth.


  • Claire is based on Liz.