Jessica Pierson is a character in Sorority Row. She is portrayed by Leah Pipes.

Name: Jessica Pierson
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Leah Pipes
First Appearance: Sorority Row

Biography Edit

Jessica is the leader of the Theta Pi Sorority and is the one that comes up with the idea of convincing Garrett, Megan's cheating boyfriend, that Megan is dead. The group drive to the middle of nowhere and decide to dispose of the 'dead' body. Despite Cassidy's pleads, Jessica does not stop the prank, and before long Garrett really does kill Megan. Jessica leads the group into the decision of dumping Megan's body into a well and to never speak of the incident again.

Eight months later, at graduation, Jessica is still seen to be the leader, even bullying other characters to make them do what she wants. As members of the group begin to disappear Jessica seems to only care about herself. She suspects Garret to be the killer, saying that the boy had turned into a freakshow. When investigating to see if Megan's body is still in the well, Jessica runs Garret over to save her friends, but it is later revealed he is not the murderer. As her friends bodies are found, Jessica does not seem too distraught or affected, more thinking of herself. However, when Kyle, Jessica's boyfriend attacks her and Cassidy, making them believe that he is the killer, she did not leave Cassidy alone and helped her. However Kyle is shortly after murdered by Andy, Cassidy's boyfriend who is the true killer.


Jessica tries to convince Andy that she will not tell anyone of what he has done, but Andy swiftly kills her by stabbing her in the mouth with a tire iron, pinning her to the wall. It is later shown that Jessica had told Kyle it was their group who had killed Megan, and that is why she needed to die.


  • Jessica is based on Vicki.