Joanna is a character in Sorority Row. She is portrayed by Nicole Moore.

Name: Joanna
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Nicole Moore
First Appearance: Sorority Row


Joanna was a college student in Rosman University. She was a sorority girl. While taking a shower in the the sorority's shower room, she over hears Jessica and Claire talking about the truth of Megan's death. She is shocked by this. She is even almost caught when she accidentally knocks down a shampoo bottle, but Claire thinks it's nothing before leaving with Jessica. Joanna is also referenced by Andy near the end of the movie.


Joanna Death

After when Jessica and Claire leave the sorority showers, Joanna is about to leave, but she hears someone going into shower stalls and turning on the showers. Joanna gets out of the shower stall she is in and grabs a towel near her, putting it on. The area has started to become filled with steam. Joanna looks around and asks if any one is there. No answers. She then hears a noise behind her and turns around. Nothing is there. When she turns back, the killer is in front of her. Just as she screams, the killer pushes her into a shower stall, slamming her against the wall and stabs her up the chin up with the modified tire iron, killing her.