Maggie Blaire is a character in Sorority Row. She is portrayed by Caroline D'Amore.

Name: Maggie Blaire
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Portrayed By: Caroline D'Amore
First Appearance: Sorority Row

Biography Edit

Megan's younger sister. Maggie comes to the sorority at graduation, 8 months after Megan's dissapearance, to attend the graduation partys in honour of Megan. She also wishes to become a member of Theta Pi in the following years, however Jessica does not allow this to happen. Later on in the movie, Maggie turns up to a Theta Pi party despite Jessica's warnings to stay away, and as the two get into an argument the sisters must leave to check if Megan's body is still in the well. When coming back from the well, the sisters find Maggie has slept with Jessica's boyfriend Kyle. Jessica and Maggie get into a fight that is quickly stopped. As Maggie attempts to leave the house the killer traps her in by setting the house on fire. Cassidy tries to save Maggie, while the killer does their best to kill the two girls. In the end the killer is defeated and Maggie leaves the house with Cassidy and the only other survivour Ellie.

Fifteen months later, the house has been renovated from the fire, and Maggie is now a Theta sister. As the girls sing the Theta Pi song, a figure with a scarred wrist that is Garrett is seen holding a garden trowel.