Megan Blaire is a character in Sorority Row. She is portrayed by Audrina Patridge.

Name: Megan Blaire
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Audrina Patridge
First Appearance: Sorority Row

Biography Edit

Megan was a college student at Rosman University. She was in a sorority called Theta Pi and was friends with her other sorority sisters Cassidy Tappan, Ellie Morris, Jessica Pierson, Chugs Bradley and Claire Wen. Megan was in a relationship with Chugs' brother Garrett Bradley, but he cheated on her. All the girls minus Ellie and Cassidy decided to play a prank on him. They gave Garrett roofies and he gave them to Megan. While they were about to have sex, Megan began puking and a scared Garrett got the other girls. Megan pretended to dead and they took her and drove to an abandoned mining area.


Megan Death

At the mining area, the girls stop and take Megan out of the car. Everyone decides what to do with her body and they want to throw her in the lake. Ellie makes a comment about punching holes in her chest so she won't float to the top. Jessica tells everyone to look for sharp objects to dismember the body with. Megan films with her cellphone. Garrett takes the prank too seriously and finds a tire iron behind the car. While the girls are talking, Garrett stabs Megan in the chest with the tire iron. All the girls are shocked. Cassidy and Ellie try to save Megan and stop the bleeding, but she dies.