Riley is a character in Sorority Row. She is portrayed by Deja Kreutzberg.

Name: Riley
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Portrayed By: Deja Kreutzberg
First Appearance: Sorority Row


Riley was a college student at Rosman University and a sorority girl. She was in the sorority shower room and opened a curtain in a shower stall Claire was in, scaring her. Riley apologizes and tells Claire she needs to do waxing below her, then laughs. Claire is annoyed by her.

Jessica shows up and gets bitchy, telling Riley that the shower room she is in is only for seniors and she is not one. Jessica even think she should start checking stalls, which makes another sorority Joanna secretly hide in her stall. Riley goes to leave, but Jessica tells her to drop her towel. Riley doesn't want to because her room is on the other side of the campus, but Jessica tells that if they didn't have rules there would be chaos.

Riley tells her that if she wanted to see perfect tits, all she had to do was ask her. She then drops her towel and gives the middle finger as she turns, then leaves the area naked.